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Mend Mask Additive


For all skin types. Multi purpose. Pure Aloe Vera Gel, glycerin and cukumber extract.

SUGGESTED USE: Step 1:  Deep Cleanse Mask: Combine in a seperate bowl, 1tsp of Mend and 1 Tbsp of Bloom exfoliant. stir into a paste. you will now smell the raspberries and cukumbers. Apply to entire face and neck. watch your fave tv show, or meditate for 10 minutes, or until mask is dry. In a circular motion, wipe off gently with a warm moist cloth. 

Step 2: HYDRATE: Spritz Renew hydrating tonic to face and neck

Step 3: MOISTURIZE: Apply a few drops of your desired oil of choice. massage in to face, neck and decolletage.

Multi- Use:

• As a secondary cleanser after an oil cleanse.

• As a Hydrating, soothing, pore tightening cleansing & healing mask on its own.


Aloe Vera Gel

Cukumber Extract





Patchtest before use

Do not injest

glass container: ♻️/reusable/refillable 

Mend: 36

Mend Refill: 34

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