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Try Me 4 Packs



We have curated two 4 packs of our Curl products for you to experience before you dive in to the bigger sizes!

WINTER PACK: Suggested for cooler temperatures with low dew points. OR highly porous dry curly hair. 3C-4C Curls

•Curl Cleanser 

• EZ Pleasy conditioner 

• Winter Curl Cream

• 5-8 Miracle Mask


SUMMER PACK: Suggested for warmer temperatures with mid to high dew points. CAN ALSO be used in warm WINTER temperatures. For fine to med low porous textured curls.

• Anytime Cleanse

• Whipped Curl Candy

• Lake Locks Gel

• EZ Pleasy conditioner 


size: 120mls per bottle 

We suggest buying both and to mix and match them. The Winter and summer names are  guidelines not rules!  Your hair will tell you what it likes. 

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