Curl products are not always a one size fits all. What works for one Curly may not work for the next - and that's okay! 
Our products are designed with weather at the forefront - that's what makes us different. 
We are here to help you:
1. Identify your curl type
2. Guide you towards which styling products your curls will adore!
If you're looking for styling methods, check out our Instagram for tutorials and demos!
Any product can be used on any curl type! The difference is HOW & WHEN (What Season) you use it.

For fine, low porosity Wavies (2B to 3A)
What: Use Whipped Curl Candy, Lake locks gel, or Rain Dance Curl Cream.

How: Start with clean wet (not drenched) hair. Apply Curl Cream. Layer with gels and/or refreshers if desired.

When: Suggested for Summer. Can be used All seasons. Go light in summertime and use more product in winter.

For medium/fine, medium porosity Curlies (3B to 3C)

What: Curl Candy or Winter Curl Cream, Mega Moisture, Rain Drops.

How: Start with clean drenched curls. Apply Curl Cream. For frizz, add in a cap full of Rain Drops and emulsify. Follow by gel if desired. Refresh throughout the week with Mega Moisture.

When: Use Curl Candy in spring and summer, and Winter in fall and winter!

For coarse/thick high to low porosity Coils and Kinks (4A to C)
What: Winter Curl Cream, Rain Drops, Skin Oil.

How: Start with clean wet or drenched coils. Add in a cap full of Rain Drops and emulsify. Apply to Curls. Finish with a few drops of Skin Oil of choice.

When: All season. Use more product in dryer seasons as needed.

We hope this guide helps you Curlies!
You will find more in-depth recommendations with each product description and use.