Most curlies are a combination of 3 or more curl types. Curl formations change with the weather and in accordance with hair texture. So what’s a curl to do?
Our products are designed to work with the shifts in weather. 
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So knowing that your curl type shifts, don’t put your curls in a box! 
Bellow see our guidelines for you.

For Fine Texture Waves and Curls
What:  Clean Slate, EZ Pleasy, Whipped Curl Candy, Lake Locks, Mega Moisture 

How: Start with clean wet (not drenched) hair. Apply Curl Cream. Layer with gels and/or refreshers if desired. Top up with curl foam for more hold. Use vacay spray on humid days.

When: Suggested for Summer. Can be used All seasons. Go light in summertime and use more product and water in winter.

For Fine to Medium Texture Curlies  

What: Curl Cleanser, Winter, Hocket Hair, Mega Moisture 

How: Start with clean drenched curls. Apply Curl Cream. For frizz, add in a cap full of Rain Drops and emulsify. Refresh throughout the week with Mega Moisture.

When: Use Curl Candy in spring and summer, and Winter in fall and winter!

For Coarse Texture Coils and Curls (Great for coloured hair!)
What: Rain Line 

How: Start with clean wet or drenched coils. Add in a cap full of Rain Drops and emulsify. Apply to Curls. Finish with a few drops of Gloss. 

When: All season. Use more product in dryer seasons as needed.

We hope this guide helps you Curlies! To identify your texture, density, curl type and porosity, go to the glossary page.
You will find more in-depth recommendations with each product description and use.



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