How to Get the Best Curls

There are so many factors that can affect your curls!



Chemically altered hair



Personal health


To keep your swaves, waves, curls, and coils healthy, shiny, and bouncy, here are a few tips:

  1. Sleep with a satin or silk pillow case. 
    Less friction is better! Cotton will remove or absorb moisture from your hair. Curls need moisture. Or Pineapple. Use mega moisture to dry duffuse the next day.
  2. Wash less, & please don't cowash too often!   
    Remember to keep your scalp clean. Your scalp is basically a continuation of your face. But its actually more fragile.You wouldn't wash your face with a moisturizer expecting good results would you? You want to keep those follicles free of debris. Remember that your locks need water, so do you and so does your scalp. Start with water and end with water!
  3. Trim bimonthly.
    Or every 3 months if you're growing it out. This is the max amount of time to wait. If you wait any longer you risk split ends that will be too deep to save. Especially if you color! Color is great to accentuate curls. Just respect it and know your limits.
  4. Moisturize more.
    This goes for your hair and your scalp. Winter time always means dryness. To combat this, use our Curl cleanser. And remember to use a protective Curl cream like Winter curl cream. Make sure that you are physically pushing the conditioner\cream into your hair and adding water as you do this action. You can also pre oil your scalp with one of our Skin oils before cleansing. And use a T-shirt to plop or to blott. if your hair tends to frizz more than most skip the microfiber towel. A T-shirt will work better. micro fiber is mostly good for removing more water.
  5. Know when to scrunch and when to pray!
  6. After the cleanse, follow this: 
  1. Add conditioner, finger or comb it through. Rinse.
  2. Add your favourite curl cream, curl gel, or both to drenched locks, finger comb through, drizzle with MORE water pushing up and into your hair!
  3. Squish hand fulls of curls in an upward motion. If your curls are frizzier or if your cut has been thinned out for you, use the praying hands method first then water, then gentley squeeze. If your curls are skinny or stringy, add more water! to get big clumps you need water.
  4. Towel blot, or plop. Spray mega moisture to seal in your hard work! hover diffuse to get a good cast. When dry Shake from the root. For added volume roll your fingers in circles at the root.

Ask for CURLYLIGHTS so that your LOCKS will pop with some brightness and colour. We will analyze your curls to determine the right process for you. We will follow with the prescribed treatment to close down the cuticle to ensure  nourishment and moisture.

Did You Know?

Curls are happiest when the scalp is clean and healthy, the right amount of moisture is applied, and when the correct balance of that moisture along with the right amount of protein has been achieved mid-shaft to ends.

There is an ongoing balance of power between moisture and protein – they're both asking for your hair's attention! This is why every curly girl knows her hair and what works! So switch it up!

Start with Clean Slate once in a month. Deep treat once in a while (5 TO 8 MIRACLE MASK).

Check out our online shop for different curl stylers according to what your hair needs or wants.