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Balance Skin Oil


This full bodied Hempseed oil is the perfect match  for that combo skin! Topped off with rosemary and sage essential oils it makes for a heady aroma while gently coaxing impurities from your confused skin. Candalula flowers give that final push into effective skin balance action.



1: TO CLEANSE: For combination skin: Apply to dry skin. Wait 5 minutes. Splash away with warm water. Pat dry.

2: Follow with hydrating tonic.

3: TO MOISTURIZE: For combination skin: Apply sparingly to cleansed skin in circular motion mornings only.

4: For hair growth: apply at night to scalp. Cleanse in the morning.


Sometimes you need a little oil to balance out your sebum production. Dry skin can over produce sebum. Producing acne. Hemp will regulate sebum production by moisturizing the skin without clogging pores. On the face and the scalp.

One of the omega 6 fatty acids found in hemp is gamma linolenic acid GLA. Which is anti inflammatory, and simultaneously encourages cell turn over and ramps up collagen production. Which in turn may help with acne and psoriasis.

Suggested for combination skin and regular scalp oil treatment’s.




Hempseed Oil

Calendula Flowers

Rosemary EO

Sage EO


Patchtest for allergies

Do not injest

glass container:♻️/reusable 

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