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Bloom Raspberry Exfoliant


Raspberry Exfoliant

Gently removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion.

Preps skin for moisture acceptance. Kaolin clay pulls debris while raspberyy buds exfoliate. 


add 1 teaspoon of 1 of the following:

1: aloe Vera gel 


2: crushed avacado


3: honey

To 1 Tbsp of bloom. Make into a paste. Apply to face and neck. Wait until dry. This will pull toxins out of your skin. Gently rub off in circular motion with a warm wet cloth. 

Spray our Hydrating tonic  on skin. Then apply 3 drops of face oil of choice. Gently massage oil into the hydrating tonic until absorbed into skin. 


 TIP: can be used as a dry rub as well, Men love this as it is super easy. Just scoop out a pinch of Bloom. Rub on dry face and neck. Rinse, pat dry. Won and done.

For face and Body.


Kaolin clay

raspberry buds

natural aroma

size: 8 oz

price: $38

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