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Calm Skin Oil


For sensitive skin  

Daily suggested Use:

1• Apply a few drops of Calm to face and neck. Rub gently in circular motion. Apply a warm wet cloth and gently rub off. Your are now cleansed.

2 • Spray hydration toner to face and neck.

3 • Apply 2 drops of calm on top of toner to seal in moisture. 

• Weekly: 

1: Bloom Raspberry Exfoliate  

2: Spray Renew Toner

3. Apply Calm to Moisturize 


grapeseed oil: Evens out skin tone. Provides elasticity. Cleans and provides light moisture. Heals skin.

•jojoba oil: mimicks the skins natural sebum.

•rose Essential oil: hydrate, clear acne, reduce signs of aging. Minimize the appearance of scars. Help with conditions such as  eczema and rosacea.

•rose buds,

•everlasting buds.


size: 2oz

price: $32

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